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International Polymer Colloids Group
25th - 30th June 2017

Prof. Asua and Prof. van Herk

It is our pleasure to announce you a local Invited Speaker, Prof. José María Asua. He is Professor at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and also director of the Basque Center of Macromolecular Design and Engineering (BERC-POLYMAT Fundazioa). His research has been focused on the fundamental investigation of industrially relevant polymerization processes developing knowledge-based strategies for the production of high performance waterborne dispersed polymers. Prof. Asua’s talk will be entitled “From Engineered Particles to Functional Films”.


The second speaker is Alex M. van Herk, a former Professor at the Technology University of Eindhoven, currently  is full time senior researcher at the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Science (ICES-A*STAR) in Singapore where he is active in the area of emulsion polymerization, polymerization kinetics and nanocomposites. He will talk about:

"Controlled" Radical Polymerization in emulsion polymerization, using the "living" oligomer adsorption approach to obtain special polymer colloid morphologies. Unexpected results 


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